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We live in a beautiful country - New Zealand / Aotearoa - one of the world's fast vanishing paradises. We do our best to help protect our environment by engaging in the following programmes and by informing and encouraging other people to do the same (or more if you can).


Kiwi Recovery Programme

Kiwi At Risk

Kiwi numbers are plummeting on mainland New Zealand. Where once trod millions, in 2003 we were down to less than 50,000 birds. Without our help, kiwi will be extinct on the mainland within a lifetime.


Bank of New Zealand Kiwi Recovery Trust

The Bank of New Zealand Kiwi Recovery Trust is on a mission - to allow kiwi to once again flourish in their natural habitat for generations to come. This fully independent charitable Trust is a partnership between the Department of Conservation and the Bank of New Zealand. The Trust supports the work of Bank of New Zealand Kiwi Recovery, which is responsible for the management and conservation of kiwi throughout the country. For more information please visit


Towanda Women Motorcycle Tours Ltd. is proud to be a donor supporter of the Trust.



Greenpeace Aotearoa

Current campaigns include:

GE-free Food

Ingham Chickens are raised on feed that contains genetically engineered soy. The same soy meal goes into Harvey Farms feed products that are used widely in the New Zealand agricultural industry.


NZ Government backs US war on European consumers.

The New Zealand Government should immediately withdraw its support for the US case to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) over the de-facto genetic engineering (GE) moratorium in Europe. The case is an attack on the majority of European consumers, who have rejected GE foods



Life in the oceans comes in an incredible array of shapes and sizes - from microscopic plankton to the largest of the great whales.


Each of these species are part of complex marine ecosystems. We have much to learn about how these ecosystems work and how our activities impact on them.  The Greenpeace oceans campaign currently focuses on three major threats to the world's oceans: overfishing, pirate fishing, whaling and intensive shrimp aquaculture.



For more than a century, people have relied on fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas for their energy needs. Now, worldwide, people and the environment are experiencing the consequences. Global warming, caused by burning fossil fuels, is the worst environmental problem we face today.


Greenpeace is campaigning globally on a variety of fronts to stop climate change - from the campaign to pressure the US Corporate 100 and George W Bush to work with the rest of the world to halt climate change, to researching and promoting clean energy solutions.


Greenpeace is also working with The Body Shop to bring renewable energy to 2 billion people in developing countries who have no access to electricity.


You can take action at:


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